The Vehicle of Lord Ganesha


In India they have the Famous God named Lord Shiva.

Shiva is Great and has been there:

for such a long time (thousands of years!)

Lord Shiva is the Most Powerful God, He is stronger than ‘most things.

Shiva is also known as Adiyogi (the first yogi) and so He is regarded as:

  • the patron God of yoga, meditation and the arts.

No one knows who is God Shiva’s father and mother, but we know that He is:

old (Ancient) since a long time


Lord Shiva is ‘All Auspicious’

He is known as the ‘Auspicious One’

Since Shiva is Swayambhu (Self created) then probably Shiva created Himself.

He is existing from times immemorial (Aadi, Ananth) so Shiva is probably from:

before time

Shiva’s Family

Lord Shiva has a consort (a female friend, like a wife) and her name is Parvati.

Shiva had a few children and the most famous one is His son Ganesha.

Parvati is the mother of the son Ganesha.

About Ganesha (Shiva’s son)

Shiva and His consort Parvati had a Great Love, they spent so much time in Heaven.

Ganesha was created when Parvati used earth and made the shape of a boy, all done purposefully.


The son is Ganesha and he is still revered highly in India today.

Ganesha is the Lord of Wisdom and is known as:

The Elephant God

He has the head of an Elephant on his human body.

The Story of Ganesha’s Elephant Head

When Ganesha was a young boy he used to love his father Shiva and spend a lot of time with Shiva.

Shiva also loved Ganesha and:

  • didn’t mind to spend time with him

When Shiva and Ganesha were together they would do different things:

  • they would read stories
  • tell anecdotes

and for sure they would eat together.

They had a lot of good, different foods and they were all vegetarian.

Shiva and Ganesha did not eat meat, but they did have ‘good stuff!

The Accident By Shiva

Since Shiva and Ganesha were so close, since everything went so good, for sure it was possible:

  • an accident

They did so much together that it was for sure possible:

  • for something to ‘go wrong

Yes, and for sure, one day there was:

  • an accident

This accident happened between Shiva and Ganesha.

About The Accident

One day, the two of them were gathered together and sharing company with each other.

It was probably caused by Ganesha but, for some reason:

  • Shiva got mad

When Shiva got mad it could be big!

Shiva got mad and His son Ganesha was right there with Him.

Shiva got so mad that:

  • He picked up a sword nearby and swung it

Oh my!

When Shiva swung the sword, the accident did happen.

You see, by accident, Shiva did:

cut off the head of His son Ganesha!

Oh my!

And that’s just what Shiva said:

Oh my!

Shiva looked and saw that:

  • the head of His son Ganesha had been cut off by Him (Shiva!)

Oh my!

What Shiva Did

When Shiva saw & realized that He had cut off the head of His son Ganesha, He was very concerned.

Shiva was so surprised by what He had done.

Well, He thought:

  • He had not done it on purpose, and He did not want it to be that way

So Shiva had to decide:

  • what to do

What would He do to:

  • restore His son Lord Ganesha to normal?

Shiva was Lord Shiva, and He had:

All the powers in the World

He could do:anything that He wanted to do!

Yet He had to:

  • do what was ‘right’ for the moment

No matter who we are, we have to:

do what is ‘right’ for the moment

Shiva’s Plan for Ganesha

Shiva saw that He:

  • had to act in the situation

and He wanted, as soon as possible:

  • to see His son Ganesha again (in normal)

When Ganesha was ‘returned to normal,’ Shiva thought:

then things would be ‘as they should be!’

What Shiva Decided

Shiva looked around – there were:

  • plants, birds, grass and mountains

and there were, also:

  • so many animals running around

Afterall, at that time:

  • so long ago in India

things were ‘free’ and:

  • the peace was ‘everywhere

So Shiva made His decision and said that:

He would ‘replace the head’ of His son Ganesha with the head of the first animal that came by!’

That’s what Lord Shiva said:

and Shiva could do it if He ‘wanted to!

So Shiva got ready to:

  • get His son Ganesha his ‘new head.’

The Head for Ganesha

Shiva sat, waited and watched out for:

  • the first animal to ‘come by

Shiva thought to Himself:

  • When the first animal comes by’ then He would get the ‘new head‘ for His son Ganesha

Shiva would ‘cut off the head’ of the first animal that came by!

  • would the animal be a tiger, or a lion, or a bear?

Shiva did not know:

  • what would be the new head for His son Ganesha

The Animal Coming By

Well, before too long the first animal did come by.

Shiva saw that the first animal to come by was:

  • a baby Elephant

Oh my! Shiva thought:

  • that baby Elephant’s head would be the ‘new head’ for His son Ganesha!

A baby Elephant head!

The Act of Cutting The Head

Shiva saw the baby Elephant and knew that:

  • the head was for His son Ganesha

So Shiva:

  • took His sword

the same sword that had ‘cut off the head’ of His son Ganesha, and:

  • Shiva swiftly ‘cut off the head’ of the baby Elephant so He could give it to His son Ganesha

Ganesha’s New Head

Shiva looked out and saw that His son Ganesha:

  • still had no head

and Shiva had had it on His mind to:

  • make that better!

Shiva wanted His son Ganesha to ‘have a head‘ in the World!

So Shiva wasted ‘no time’ to:

  • put the head’ of the baby Elephant onto His son Ganesha

This way:

Ganesha would have a head in the World!

When Shiva:

  • did apply the head of the baby Elephant to Ganesha

Ganeshawoke up’ from the shock!

Lord Ganesha looked around and immediately:

  • saw his father Lord Shiva nearby

Ganesha was so glad to see his father that he:

  • hugged Lord Shiva

Lord Ganesha hoped that Lord Shiva would ‘always be there’ for him!

Shiva’s Reply To Ganesha

Shiva saw that:

  • His son Ganesha was hugging Him and that ‘nothing could be better’ for them!

Shiva had:

  • fixed His mistake

and His son Ganesha was with Him (and Ganesha was grateful too for the new head!)

The Story About The New Head

Ganesha was glad to be with his father Shiva and:

  • also realized that he had a ‘new head

Probably for Ganesha the:

  • new head’ did not feel the same as the ‘old head

Now, Ganesha had:

  • the head of a baby Elephant

Also, we know, that:

  • Ganesha never did meet the baby Elephant

who had that head before him.

Still, it was:

a good head for Ganesha

who, for a while:

  • did not have a head at all!

Oh my!

It is better that:

Our Ganesha has a head!

Lord Shiva was glad also!

Getting Used To The New Head

Ganesha felt the ‘new Elephant head‘ on his shoulders, and, as time went by:

  • started to get used to it

The new Elephant’s head was his new head forever!’

Ganesha The Elephant God

Ganesha was:

  • Shiva’s son

so he really was:

  • Lord Ganesha, son of Shiva.

Ever since ‘such a long time’ we always know Ganesha as:

  • Lord Ganesha, The Elephant God

Ganesha is:

  • the son of Shiva

with the head of a baby Elephant!

The Qualities of Lord Ganesha

Ganesha is revered highly in India today.

As we have said:

He is the Lord of Wisdom and is known as The Elephant God

Lord Ganesha has the head of an Elephant on his human body.

Since Ganesha is son of Shiva and a Lord on his own, he has some duties & obligations that he performs regularly.

Ganesha, then, goes around to different places and:

  • performs his duties & obligations where he goes

Ganesha’s Vehicle

Since Ganesha is:

  • an important Man (Lord)

then he ‘doesn’t have to walk when he goes places.

In India when a man is a Lord (like Ganesha:)

  • then he doesn’t have to walk when he goes places.

Ganesha gets ‘carried around:

  • on his vehicle

The vehicle for Lord Ganesha is:

  • the rat

Ganesha and his rat:

  • go around to many different places.

When they go around:

Ganesha is on top and the rat carries him ‘down the road

The Story of Ganesha and The Rat

Since Ganesha and the rat go around to many places, they are:

  • out ‘on the road’ quite a bit

Many times, when the rat carries Lord Ganesha, the rat scurries along at a swift pace.

Afterall, the rat wants Ganesha to get there!

So the two of them can be seen many times:

  • scurrying along the road (at a rather swift pace)

The relationship between Ganesha and the rat usually works fine and:

everything usually goes ‘ok

Many times the two of them:

  • Ganesha & the rat

have traveled ‘along the road’ and they have gotten many things done

It is so fun to see:Ganesha & the rat

going ‘down the road’ together!

The Accident with The Rat

One day, ‘for some reason,’ while:

  • Ganesha & the rat

were going ‘down the road:

  • the rat slipped

When the rat slipped, he:

  • took a tumble

When the rat tumbled he:

  • dumped Lord Ganesha forward onto ‘the ground

Lord Ganesha’s Broken Tusk

As we have said:

  • the rat ‘took a tumble’ and dumped Lord Ganesha forward onto ‘the ground

So that was:

  • the accident with Lord Ganesha and the rat

So now, we already know that, Lord Ganesha has:

  • the head of a baby Elephant

As we have said, along with the Elephants head, Lord Ganesha had:

  • the two tusks (horns) that were with the Elephant’s head

When the rat ‘tumbled’ and:

  • dumped Lord Ganesha forward onto ‘the ground

Lord Ganesha landed on his face, and:

  • one of his tusks broke

This was unfortunate, so:

  • even today, when we see Lord Ganesha, he has the broken tusk (horn) on his face


After The Fall of Ganesha

Since Lord Ganesha:

  • took a fall

and landed on his face, breaking the ‘tusk:’

  • Lord Ganesha always has the ‘broken tusk.

What This Means (The Broken Tusk)

When Lord Ganesha fell on the ground:

  • he landed on his face and ‘spilled all of his things

All of the things that Lord Ganesha was carrying got dumped onto ‘the ground!

So, at that place:

  • there were ‘many things’ lying around on the ground, the things that ‘had fallen’ from Lord Ganesha!

Other Stories Like Lord Ganesha’s Fall

We now know:

  • The Story of Lord Ganesha’s Fall

He fell from his vehicle the rat.

As we have said:

When Lord Ganesha ‘fell,’ there were ‘many things’ lying around on ‘the ground,’ the things that had ‘fallen’ from Lord Ganesha!

It is possible that this is a ‘common’ kind of ‘thing’ and that ‘many times’ when someone ‘falls:

  • there are ‘many things’ of interest lying ‘around’ on ‘the ground

For many of us, it is hard to ‘manage’ all of the ‘things’ that we ‘have

Therefore, sometimes:

  • there are ‘extra’ things around

Also, ‘sometimes’ we think that:

  • we ‘know’ how a situation ‘goes

But, if it doesn’t continue ‘all of the way,’ then the ‘picture may change’ and we might:

  • have to make a ‘new view’ of what is ‘happening

The Example of Lord Ganesha

In Our Story:

  • The Vehicle of Lord Ganesha

Our Lord Ganesha was ‘doing fine,’ and:

  • carrying on’ his duties as a Lord

He had a ‘load of things’ with him – things related to his duties & tasks – and so, when he fell, Lord Ganesha left on ‘the ground:

  • many ‘things’ of value that he had been ‘carrying

So we can see here that, sometimes someone may be ‘doing so good,‘ but:

  • when he ‘falls’ down

many things’ can ‘fall’ with him

Many things’ do not continue ‘the same’

So we might have to ‘make:

  • a whole ‘new view’ of the situation.

We see that, when ‘someone falls:’

  • things do not ‘continue’ the same as they ‘had,’ before that person ‘fell!

So be ‘carefulnot to ‘fall‘ so we don’t ‘backslide!

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