The Man And The Train

The Man And The Train

This is an Old Story from India about:

  • a man and the train

It is set at:

  • the Train Station of the man’s hometown

It is at the Train Station where:

the man wants to catch the train

The Man’s Journey

The man is going to the Train Station

He is going to go on the train:

  • his goal is to board the train and ride to his destination – another town

The man is going to visit his family in another town

He is going to that town by: riding on the train to get there

He has to catch and board the train to start his Train ride

Starting for the Train Station

In the Story, the man goes along on his journey:

  • he starts by going to the Train Station

The man has some possessions that he intends to bring with him:

he will carry his belongings in a suitcase that he brings with him

The man leaves his home in the morning to go to the Train Station

At the Station he looks around and then :

  • mixes with the people at the Station

The people at the Station are like him:

they want to go on a Train ride and reach their destination

At The Train Station

There at the Station the man will find out:

  • at what time his train is scheduled to arrive

When the train does arrive, he plans to:

  • go to the train
  • board it

and find a seat for himself

He would ride the train to his destination:

another town where he would visit his family

About The Man

The man is a ‘Good’ man

He does:

  • catch and board the train,
  • and he does find his way ok!!!

He completes his journey, his train ride, and he does reach his destination:

the town where he would visit his family

The Setting At The Train Station

So, at the Train Station we have:

  • the man and his luggage
  • the Train Station
  • and the train

The Story is set in his hometown:

  • he ‘knows’ the Train Station from ‘before

Also, he probably ‘knows:’

  • the ‘method’ that he would use for catching the train

He would want to see:

  • the setting at the Train Station

There would be a crowd of people waiting, like him, to catch and board their train

All of the people at the Train Station are like him:

they want to catch the train

Also, some of the people are there to send off friends on their journey

and wish them well!!!!

The Plan Of The Man

To complete his journey successfully:

  • to get to the destination town and visit his family

the man must view and manage his task

To catch the train, when it arrives, he ‘plans’ to:

go to it and then, approach the train

The man would:

  • walk up to the train,
  • board it

and find a seat for himself on the train

He would then ride the train to his destination:

another town where his family lives

The Man’s Mood

The man is ‘probably’ in a ‘good’ mood

He is going to visit his family!!!!

Lessons to Learn From the Story

The Story of:

  • The Man And The Train

has some ‘good’ lessons in it for us

As we say, it is an Old Story from many generations ago!!!!

From the Story, we can see lessons about:

  • the way that we view and manage our situations that we ‘face

It may be a train journey or another situation where we must:

view and manage our task, to get the job done

For this Story, we see how the man ‘performs:’

  • he boards the train,
  • he rides it

and then, he arrives at his destination

As the man goes to the Train Station and then, rides on the train, to visit his family, he does:

view and manage his task successfully, to get the job done – to catch the train!!!

Seeing Our Lesson

We can ‘see’ here, then, that like in our example of the man and the train:

  • there are many things to think of on the Train ride

When we go on a journey, and must pay attention and get things done, then:

  • we ‘care’ about what we are doing

We ‘care’ about how we

  • view
  • handle

and manage’ our journey

Afterall, the journey would be for us!!!

In the lesson, for our part, we could see that if we:

  • pay attention
  • and proceed carefully

then we can get the task completed

We want to be successful when we try to get something done!!!

For a train ride, we would want to reach the destination successfully,

and not make errors along the way!!!

We want to have a ‘good’ time, even if we have to perform a task!!!!

Our Responsibility

There is a lesson from this Story

When we do start a project or task:

  • like our man who goes to the Train Station for a journey to another town

we do participate in the way that the experience plays out

Whether we

  • complete the task successfully
  • or perhaps struggle with it somehow, which often makes the task harder or more difficult

it is very much up to us, each one of us, to try to do‘ good along the way of doing our tasks

Whether it is

  • going to the Train Station
  • or something else similar

we play a ‘part’ in ‘how’ things ‘go

If we:

  • pay attention
  • and avoid making errors

then we can proceed ok

Like this we can be:

in the best place possible, in order to ‘see,’ the best choices possible!!!

Hoping For Us

We hope that we:

  • do well, and
  • that it goes ok

when we have to go on a journey or do a task

This could be for a train ride, or another example that might serve like the train ride

When we do our tasks, we hope that we do well!!!!!

The Story – The Man And The Train

In the Story, the man leaves home, and goes to the Train Station

The Station in a simple place:

  • the man ‘knows’ it from ‘before

The Train Station is:

  • one story high, a simple building

with a lot of room for people and circulation

There is a lot of activity at the Train Station:

  • much coming and going of people and passengers

At the Train Station, some people will ride the train, and others are visiting and sending them off on their journey!!!

The Setting At The Train Station

The Train Station is a simple setting:

  • the Station is there, with the train tracks passing by it

The trains are arriving occasionally, during the day and night

There are often many people at the Station, but usually these things ‘manage’ well!!!

The People

The people behave ok at the Station:

  • they don’t push and shove

They usually are mindful of others and so, allow them to be there

They usually agree to get along together with the other people

The Man Arrives At The Train Station

As the man approaches the Train Station, it is hot outside:

  • it is often hot in the town of the Train Station

The Station is crowded with people, but the man has been to the Station ‘before:’

  • he ‘knows’ that the Train Station can be hot and crowded with people

There is often a sort of urgency in the setting at the Train Station

Afterall, at the Train Station, there are people going places:

  • going here and there, to different destinations

And the Trains arrive occasionally, during the day and night

The Moment At The Train Station

The man must pay attention when he is at the Train Station:

  • there are many things going on there

There is a precision in the moment of being at the Train Station

For the man there is:

  • approaching the train with his luggage, and
  • getting up to the train so he can board the train successfully

After boarding the train with his luggage – the suitcase, the man would:

find and take a seat for himself on the train, then he would ride on his journey!!!

Waiting For His Train

At the Station, the man sees:

  • the crowd of people, and also
  • the train tracks that run past the Station

When the man’s train arrives, he has to:

  • be ready to pick up his suitcase – the luggage, and
  • walk along down the train tracks to get to the train

When he finds:

  • the train car that he ‘chooses

then he would:

  • bring his luggage and climb the stairs of the train car to get onboard

On the train, the man would find a seat for himself, with his luggage!!!

As The Train Approaches

As we say:

  • the weather at the Train Station is hot

Since the man and the people at the Train Station are:

  • from the area

they are accustomed to the sun being hot during the day

Even though the weather is hot, they all mix and mingle around the Train Station

waiting for their train to arrive

When they see their train:

  • just like the man

they would go to the train and board it:

  • to find a seat for themselves

The Man Going For The Train

This is the action part of the Story

When the man sees the train arriving and pulling into the Station, he realizes that:

  • it is a time for action

He must go and catch the train now,

it has arrived!!!!!!

The man has been waiting near the Train tracks, so he is ready for going to the train

He picks up his luggage – the suitcase, and starts going towards the train!!!

Carrying The Luggage In India

At the Train Station in India, it is customary to:

walk towards the train and carry the luggage with us to board the train

Since the weather is hot, it is difficult to carry the luggage along the way to the train

The luggage can be heavy, and it is hard to walk in the hot sun, so:

  • The people often carry the luggage on top of their head

That way, they only have to balance it on top of their head until they reach and board the train

So, as he starts out towards the train, our man:

  • proceeds, with his suitcase on top of his head, carrying it to the train

Whether it is a suitcase or a bundle of goods, the people often carry their luggage on top of their head

Approaching The Train

As the man walks along towards the train:

  • passing by the train cars up to the car of his ‘choice

he walks with the people and gets closer to his train car

He proceeds along carefully:

step by step

and tries to make sure that he gets to his car

Boarding The Train

As the man proceeds along, and:

  • finds his train car

he then starts to board the train:

  • bringing his luggage with him – on top of his head

The man carries the suitcase on top of his head

Since there are other people boarding the train, the man must be careful to proceed smoothly

As he goes, he will find a seat for himself on the train

Finding His Seat On The Train

The man does board the train and look around

When he finds his seat:

  • with his suitcase still on top of his head

he gets to the Main part of the Story

Afterall, the man would have completed his task:

  • to catch and board the train!!!

On the train he can:

  • ride to the other town, where he would visit family

As the man prepares to sit in his seat, he thinks of a famous Holy saying and then he sits down in his seat

Then the man:

  • places his suitcase on the floor of the train, next to his seat

This is the completion of the task

to catch the train

so now our man can relax!!!

The Point Of The Story

The point of the Story is simply:

  • the Holy line that we just spoke of, that the man thought about

The Holy line is:

Of what use is it to carry our luggage on our head

when the train would carry the luggage for us!!!

This is the Story of: The Man And The Train

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