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Learning Meditation

Here we have the 3 Meditations Package: ‘For A Good Start Meditations’

This lovely Collection of 3 Meditations is both vivid & bright with meaning and insight for ‘learning Meditation NOW.’

It introduces and explains ‘ways to meditate NOW‘ so you don’t need to ‘guess & worry’ about whether the Teaching is good. Read more >>


meditation book
All About Meditation

Here we have the 3 Meditations Package: ‘For Good Basics Meditations’

This is a good Collection of 3 Meditationsall about Basics so we can find here:

  • definitions of meditation
  • learning mindfulness
  • a ‘helpful ancient tale’

and further insight into ‘learning Meditation NOW.

These 3 Meditations help to introduce ‘wonderful topics’ like mindfulness & meditation so ‘finding out‘ and ‘getting started‘ are not so hard and so then we can ‘get on the ball!’ Read more >>

Our Meditation book

We have Our good New Meditation ebook called:

  • Getting Started with Meditation

and it is ‘all about Meditation:’

In it we cover:

  • the ‘view’ of Meditation
  • the ‘approach to Meditation’

as well as actually ‘starting to meditate!’

Meditation really does have ‘good benefits’ so go see it here >>

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