Staying Calm

One of the main ‘goals’ of everybody is:

  • ‘staying calm’

Being ‘busy’ and ‘staying calm’ can seem like:

  • worlds apart’

We ask:

‘how do we ‘do’ our work and not get ‘scrambled thoughts’ along the way of it?’

If we can find:

  • balance and
  • clear thinking

while ‘performing’ our daily duties then that would be a ‘plus for sure.’

How to Stay Calm

Basic ‘ideas’ like:

  • ‘staying calm,’ and
  • taking some time to ‘think’

are good ‘practice.’

These are good ‘ideas’ for ‘staying calm.’

The Value of Finding ‘Steady:’

  • steady ‘path’
  • steady ‘continuing’ and
  • steady belief in ‘possible’

would help us be ‘stable,‘ so these can beaids’ for ‘staying calm.’

People are using Meditation for ‘staying calm,’ finding ithelpful.

So we see ‘all around’ that Meditation is so ‘popular!’

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a public place

We have a ‘good’ little Story:

  • The Man and The Woman Story

When walking out in public, these two people meet. They have a ‘chance’ encounter and it is fun:

  • fun to see them meet

When two or more people meet, there are a lot of  ‘possibilities’ about:

  • the energies and influences that affect and play a part in their meeting together!

It is a fun adventure to see the ‘meeting’ in:

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