Learning What The Light Is

Learning What The Light Is

Here we have an article about:

  • the light

We all know what light is:

  • it is the ‘thing’ that illumines

The light makes thingsavailable to ‘see:

  • we can ‘see’ with the light

If the light is ‘there,’ then we can ‘see

We have ‘known’ this light:

ever since we were little kids!

Knowing What Light Is

The light is ‘something’ we ‘know’

We ‘know’ what light is!

As we have said:

Light is the ‘substance‘ that makes things ‘available‘ to ‘see

The light ‘illumines things, like:

  • makes them brighter

For example:

he saw the light on her hair

We ‘know‘ what light is, because we ‘see‘ it

The Light Has Value

We see that:

  • light is ‘useful‘ for us, it helps to ‘illumine’ things
meditation man

Without light we have a ‘harder’ time to ‘see ‘things

So the light has ‘value’ for us

:The light helps us ‘see

We ‘know‘ what light is because we ‘see‘ it

Talking About The Light

When we ‘hear’ someone ‘talk‘ about light, we ‘know‘ what they mean:

  • we ‘know‘ what light is

We are so ‘familiar‘ with the light, that:

  • we even ‘assume’ that the light will ‘be‘ there

One thing for sure:

the light sure is good

It’s good to have the light!

Seeing The Light

As we say:

  • we ‘know‘ what light is, we see it in our lives

All day the light is all around us:

  • the sky
  • the street
  • the room
  • the town

All day the light is all around us:

and we ‘assume‘ that it will ‘be‘ there

Liking The Light

We ‘know‘ that the light is ‘there’

Afterall, it is ‘by’ the light that we ‘see’ the light

The light illumines things!

oh my!

If the light wasn’t ‘there,’ then, we could not ‘seevery much

It would be so ‘terrible’ if we couldn’t ‘see’ anything

So let’s like the light!!!

Our Relationship With The Light

Light itself is:

  • something that we ‘take‘ for granted

We ‘see‘ the light and we ‘assume‘ that it will ‘be’ there for us

Afterall, it is the light that ‘illumines’

The light ‘illumines:’

  • the view
  • the setting
  • our thoughts

It is the light that ‘illumines’

Because we ‘see‘ it, because it is ‘there’ and ‘illumines,’ then:

  • we ‘know‘ the light

We know the light from our ‘relationship‘ with it

We have a ‘relationship’ with the light!

Just because we have a ‘relationship‘ with the light, we should not:

  • take the light for ‘granted’

We are ‘grateful’ for the light, we like it!

Taking The Light For Granted

Even though we ‘know‘ the light, and also, we ‘like’ the light:

  • we know that the light is ‘useful’ for us

We still tend to:

  • take the light for ‘granted’

We do this especially when we first wake up in the morning:

  • we tend to take the light for ‘granted’

Perhaps we have known times when there was no light

But still, we assume that:

  • the light will ‘be’ there for us

The light is so ‘useful’ for us!

If The Light Goes Out

As we say:

  • being without light is usually a ‘harder‘ time

We get more things done when there is light!

If the light goes ‘out’ like in‘ temporary‘ power failure, then:

  • we have a ‘harder‘ time to ‘do‘ things, to manage things

If there is no light, then:

  • its ‘harder’ to get things done

It is always ‘better’ if there is light!

We can ‘see’ this, and ‘know‘ this, yet it seems still that:

the light is something that we ‘tend’ to take for ‘granted

The Light Is Precious

Since the light is so ‘valuable’ for us:

  • it helps us ‘see‘ and interpret things

So we say that the light is ‘precious’

Precious is:

these ‘things‘ that we cannot ‘do‘ without

We really do ‘need’ the light!!!

Proceeding With The Light

When we

  • see things
  • feel things

or even ‘think‘ of things, we must admit that:

  • first we recognize them
  • then we weigh them
  • we measure them

and so:

  • we ‘decide’ if it is ok

Each thing that we think about:

  • we ‘decide‘ if it is ok

Its good to be able to ‘see‘ and ‘feel’ before we have to ‘decide,‘ to make decisions

The Light Is Like A Guide

The light can help us in:

  • finding choices

It can help us in ‘knowing’ – what to do or to choose

The light can show us:

  • how to ‘go‘ or ‘proceed’

We use the light for:

  • finding’ our way
  • for finding choices

So, the light is like a ‘guide’

Knowing With The Light

The light ‘helps‘ us because it is ‘illuminating’

This is in almost everything that we do!

We want to:

  • see
  • feel
  • and hopefully ‘know

before we have to ‘decide’

We can do our ‘best’ when we have light

when we have ‘access’ to the light

We Need The Light

If we ‘go‘ somewhere or ‘do‘ something:

  • if we ‘do‘ this or ‘do‘ that, or even ‘invest‘ in something

we have the best ‘chances’ if we are ‘with’ the light

The light helps us see!!

Being With The Light

If we are ‘with’ the light:

  • if we ‘recognize‘ it and ‘allow‘ the light to ‘be‘ there


  • that is the ‘best’ that we can ‘do’

We do our best when we are with the light

With the light we can be:

in the ‘best’ place possible for finding the ‘best’ choices possible!

We really love the light!

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Image credit: Wolfgang Moroder

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