For A Good Start Meditations

For A Good Start Meditations

Here is the page introducing the Meditation Package:

For A Good Start Meditations

It contains the 3 lovely Meditations:

  • Learning Meditation (and it’s Benefits) (6 pages)
  • All About Heaven (6 pages)
  • The Meditation of The Inch Worm (6 pages)

These Meditations can help us to ‘get things started’ so they can be useful for beginner meditators or more advanced meditators as well.

When you apply these Meditations remember to:

  • give them time & attention, and
  • think about them carefully

because they have ‘Good Treasures‘ in them and so can be useful tools ‘for a long time to come.’

With thoughtful application these lovely pieces can ‘go for miles & miles!’

The 3 Meditations descriptions:

These are the 3 Meditations in the Package: ‘For A Good Start Meditations’

  • Learning Meditation (and it’s Benefits)
  • All About Heaven
  • The Meditation of The Inch Worm

  • Learning Meditation (and it’s Benefits)

This Meditation offers a good Meditation overview with useful explanations and insight about helpful methods for grasping a good ‘approach’ to Meditation.

We also cover key features to keep in mind while starting out and also building our ‘continuing’ Meditation practice!

  • All About Heaven

We all know ‘the idea of Heaven:A Paradise where we can focus our hopes and wishes for feeling good, finding good health and finally getting happy!

If these things would be possible then Heaven could help us find them!

We explain ‘the idea of Heaven,’ what we think that it is and some of the many things ‘that might be there‘ on a ‘trip of sharing’ about this place where we hope to fill our Dreams.’

  • The Meditation of The Inch Worm

This Meditation is a thoughtful tale about a simple thing (the inch worm) and how we can find useful viewing and meaning in nature & the simple things in life.’

The inch worm may not do a lot, but the methods and thoughts that he uses are universal and can be seen as abenefit for all.’

So we cover ‘the contribution of The Inch Worm.’

If you like these Meditations and do want to get them then we have the method for acquiring and download below.

Meditation Download Instructions

This Package of Meditations is available NOW!
If you make a Donation of $30 then we will gift you the 3 Meditation Package for FREE!

You can get these 3 Meditations for yourself or a friend.
Before you decide to get this Package of 3 Meditations be sure that:

you want it and that it is ‘a good fit for you.’

We definitely want you to be happy with these Meditations.
If you do decide to get them, then we hope that you enjoy & appreciate them and have no difficulty with them.

These Meditations are thoughtfully made and considerate so, if you decide to get them, then it can be possible for you to grow & flourish with them.

Download Instructions

This Package of 3 Meditations is called: ‘For A Good Start Meditations’
To get this Package of 3 Meditations please read below

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p but

Make a $30. Donation to us: Donation to TL Meditation Goods
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If we don’t hear from paypal about a $30. Donation from you, then we cannot send you the 3 Meditations Package if you don’t Donate (it is hard to make the Meditations)
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This is the instructions for downloading the Meditations that we have.
After getting these Meditations the person would arrange for the download.

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