Our NEW Meditation ebook: Getting Started with Meditation


All around people are meditating – at the Temples, in the Gym, at home or in Nature.

People are meditating and it ‘makes sense.

So many have ‘heard about Meditation’ – from family, friends, coworkers or others – and so we can say that:

  • the word is out that Meditation is around.

Even if people haven’t tried it yet there is a large number of people that would say that they have heard of it and they would consider to ‘give Meditation a try.

The Thought of Meditation

As we say there are many people that have ‘heard about Meditation.’

Also there are more & more people that are already practicing it:

  • some are beginners
  • some are more practiced or advanced at it
  • some do it occasionally

or some are more ‘into it’ (like a regular daily practice.)

Whatever level we might have engaged with the Meditation we can see that:

the thought of Meditation’ is definitely around.

The Meditation is around and also there are people that are practicing it, even regularly!

Hearing About Meditation

We see that Meditation is around and even that people we may know might be practicing it, so it makes sense that we are hearing about Meditation.

For many of us there are people that are ‘near & dear to us‘ that are ‘speaking about & practicing Meditation.

For all we know it could be a ‘group movement!

We Are TheEvenMind

We who write this article and speak with you are TheEvenMind – we are Meditation people who write & share about the ‘topic of Meditation.

It is an Ancient topic and we do know a lot about it.

We share both how it is defined as well as the various definitions and modes of practice that are used with Meditation.

Knowing Meditation is possible and we are a link to connecting people with the Meditation.

Our New Book: Getting Started with Meditation

Just recently we are completing a work called:

Getting Started with Meditation

It is a good little book about starting to meditate as well as the basic way to know Meditation.

For so many people it seems like the hardest part about knowing Meditation is the wondering:

  • what it is?

They wonder:

  • what is Meditation?

We can help with this and for so many they find that:

  • Once you get started then it is even easier than the ‘thinking about it.’

When we don’t know what Meditation is then so many people get the idea that:

it has to be hard

They even get the idea that:

it has to be super hard

Is Meditation Hard?

star now

When we ‘think about Meditation’ then the ‘doubts don’t have to prevail,’ and the ‘doing of Meditation’ could be an ‘ok process.

The Criteria for Considering Meditation

When we consider ‘to think about Meditation’ there are certain criteria that really should be ‘kept in mind.

To ‘consider Meditation,’ and then ‘to approach it,’ we can see certain ‘rules’ around, just like we see ‘rules’ in the ‘functioning of correct society.’

This is:

When we are together, and sharing the same space and energy, then there is the requirement for ‘allowing’ – this is that there can be differences among people who are together yet still we can get along and get things done together.

This comes along also in the idea of:

  • common decency.

With this is the idea that:

Hopefully, when people ‘allow others to be’ & ‘to express themselves,’ there would be a setting where ‘nobody puts their hands on anyone else.

When it is like this then:

  • things can ‘go ok,’ they can even ‘go good!

Approaching Meditation

When we ‘behave ok,’ when we ‘don’t hurt others,’ then that can be ‘the way to get along.’

When we ‘pay attention,’ and are ‘considerate,’ then that can ‘make a good environment’ and the ‘idea of approaching Meditation’ can be available.

We should be mindful of things like:

  • love & good energy

so we can allow ‘good things‘ to be with us, and this way we can:

  • spend time with good things.

This is ‘a feasible approach’ and is ‘the kind of thing that we need‘ to get ‘the fruits of Meditation,’ like ‘happiness.

We all know that when we behave ok then we can share happiness with others, like friends, neighbors, etc.

When we don’t disturb the ‘good energy’ then we can have a ‘good time’ in that setting!

Considering Meditation

If we can understand this way of:

  • behaving ok

this way of ‘getting along with others’ when we ‘share the same space & energy,’ then there can be ‘good around.

Like this, when we behave ok then we can bewith good,’ and this is a good outlook’ to have, to cultivate.

When we are good then it is not hard to consider Meditation!

If we are carrying ourselves ok, with respect for things like good, then the Meditation can be available and the understanding of it can be manageable for us.

When we are good then Meditation can be within reach!

Our New Book (Getting Started with Meditation)

If we like this approach, ‘behaving good’ and ‘considering Meditation,‘ if we think that:

  • the idea of ‘Meditation & us’ is a ‘good idea

then we might want to try to ‘approach the Meditation.

If we want to ‘get started with Meditation’ then we are ‘in luck!

Our New Book:

Getting Started with Meditation

is Ready Now and starting today we are announcing it!

Also, in order to find out ‘what kind of Book it is:

  • we are offering the Introduction of Our New Book for FREE download NOW!

Download Our New Book FREE NOW!

This is a good little ebook on Getting Started with Meditation and it does begin gently:

  • the book begins with the ‘idea of Meditation’ and some definitions’ to go with it.

We cover things that people ask & want to know when they consider learning Meditation so if we like the idea of learning Meditation then this little book can be a good thing for us!

If we are earnest and caring and actually do have an ‘interest in Meditation’ then our New little book can be a treat!

Download the ebook

To download the Introduction of Our ebook:

  • Getting Started with Meditation

just go to the link below and click on the download button to get the FREE Book NOW!

With this book we can find out enough ‘about Meditation’ – what it is and how to get started with it – so we can get ‘a view of Meditation’ that is useful & that works!

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Additional Material from Our NEW Book

If you have seen the Introduction of Our NEW Book:

  • Getting Started with Meditation

then NOW we are also offering the Chapter One for a FREE download!

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Our Meditation ebook: Chapters 2 & 3

NOW there are More Chapters of Our NEW Meditation book:

  • Getting Started with Meditation

We have available:

Our Chapters 2 & 3 Meditations Package

These two NEW Chapters are ‘additional’ and they do ‘add more’ to the:

  • overall picture’ of Our Meditation book

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