Learning The Light

Everywhere we go we must look and see our way:

  • it is because of ‘light’ that we can ‘see’

Light means so much to us yet we don’t take much time to think about it.

Join us to see: The Topic of Light! Read more >>

Main Street

This is the Story about:

  • the man and the barber shop

He goes to visit the barber shop and finds out that:

The Forest

We have here Our Story:

  • The Hunter And The Arrow Story

It is an Old Story from India:

  • A very Ancient Tale

The Story is about two hunters and how they decide to go hunting together one day

There is a Lesson that the two hunters learn while they are out hunting in the forest together!  Read more >>


A Mantra is a Holy verse that people may ‘use’ to ‘aid’ them in practicing Meditation.

For thousands of years Mantra has been ‘used’ with Meditation and is an ‘aid‘ to help focus  Read more >>

The Gayatri Mantra

In India, since ‘Ancient’ Times, they have ‘practiced’ the Mantra:

  • a Holy verse usually ‘used’ with Meditation.

The Gayatri Mantra Story is about the famous Gayatri Mantra! Read more >>


The Story of The Man And The Train is an Old Story from India.

In it we see how the man handles himself:

  • to stay focused and manage his tasks

There’s a lot to learn while riding the Train. Read more >>

godsWhen we look around & walk around in our World we see so many ‘beautiful things:’

  • the world
  • the mountains
  • the valleys
  • the streams

We all love these things and: The Story about ‘How it all got here’ Read more >>

ganesha mandirIn India they have the famous God named Lord Shiva. He is ‘revered’ by most people and He and His family represent:

  • The ‘Glories of The Universe’

Lord Shiva has a wife and some children and His most famous son is Lord Ganesha. The family loves Lord Ganesha because

  • He brings ‘joy’ to their hearts and helps the family be so ‘full!’

The Story of Lord Ganesha’s Vehicle is a famous story and is loved by all! Read more >>

ganeshaIn India they have a ‘good’ culture and also they have:

  • many years of quality Spiritual influence

So many Buddhas have lived in India for thousands of years!

Lord Shiva is loved and worshipped in India and He is a colorful figure for the people.

Shiva’s Dear Son God Lord Ganesha is loved by the people and is Himself also a popular figure.

Lord Shiva is The Lord of: Yoga, Meditation and The Arts

The Pictures of Lord Ganesha are available and always a ‘joy’ to see Go here >>

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