Learning The Light

Everywhere we go we must look and see our way:

  • it is because of light that we can see

Light means so much to us yet we don’t take much time to think about it.

Join us to see: The Topic of Light! Read more >>


The Story of The Man And The Train is an Old Story from India.

In it we see how the man handles himself:

  • to stay focused and manage his tasks

There’s a lot to learn while riding the Train. Read more >>

godsWhen we look around & walk around in our World we see so many ‘beautiful things:’

  • the world
  • the mountains
  • the valleys
  • the streams

We all love these things and: The Story about ‘How it all got here’ Read more >>

ganesha mandirIn India they have the famous God named Lord Shiva. He is ‘revered’ by most people and He and His family represent:

  • The ‘Glories of The Universe’

Lord Shiva has a wife and some children and His most famous son is Lord Ganesha. The family loves Lord Ganesha because

  • He brings ‘joy’ to their hearts and helps the family be so ‘full!’

The Story of Lord Ganesha’s Vehicle is a famous story and is loved by all! Read more >>

ganeshaIn India they have a ‘good’ culture and also they have:

  • many years of quality Spiritual influence

So many Buddhas have lived in India for thousands of years!

Lord Shiva is loved and worshipped in India and He is a colorful figure for the people.

Shiva’s Dear Son God Lord Ganesha is loved by the people and is Himself also a popular figure.

Lord Shiva is The Lord of: Yoga, Meditation and The Arts

The Pictures of Lord Ganesha are available and always a ‘joy’ to see Go here >>

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