Daily Positive Thoughts

Daily Positive Thoughts

Each day as soon as we wake up we want to get off to a good start. The best beginning is when we feel fresh and are hopefully thinking and seeing clearly.

Some people jump right out of bed while others lay there for awhile and cherish the nights sleep and the fresh feeling of the new day.

It is good at the start off each day to take a few minutes and “get your bearings straight”, to focus on the fact that it is a new day and it can be a great one for you.

When you start out good then you set the beginning for having daily positive thoughts.

Starting Your Day

Some people are early risers and there is a lot to be said about the benefits of getting up early. Whether you rise early or not it is good to give yourself time to start the day. Feeling time-pressured creates a feeling of being rushed and then it is more difficult to feel calm, focused, and positive.

A good way to begin the day is to create a healthy morning routine of good habits.

Ideas for a Morning Routine:

  • Practice good breathing
  • Drink a glass of water (some people prefer lemon water)
  • Think about your morning and plan it out
  • Make your bed
  • Have some morning exercise like yoga or meditate
  • Eat a healthy breakfast
  • Think positive thoughts

When you begin the day right and get off to a good start then you can cherish that peace and carry it with you throughout the entire day.

Finding Happiness

Everybody seeks for happiness and we spend so much of our entire day looking for ways to get and be happy. Sometimes it is just in the form of a good time, or other times we might look for something a bit deeper and longer lasting.

Usually when we get happy we fill our minds with positive thoughts, and there are a lot of ways to increase our happiness.

Four Ways To Boost Your Happiness

There are a lot of ways that we can boost our happiness. If we pay attention and stick with the positive things to do it makes going through the day pass much easier.

Here we offer four good ways that we can boost our happiness.

  • Being thankful
  • Let Go Of The Petty Things
  • Appreciate The Little Things
  • Smile At Everyone You Meet

Being thankful – Being thankful is just like being grateful, which produces for us a more meaningful life. Most of us have so much in life and that gives us a lot to be grateful for. When we are grateful and truly appreciate the good things we have then we find ourselves living with greater purpose and passion, being more mindful of ourselves, our friends and our surroundings.

Being thankful enriches our lives and grows our life meaning, by being present and appreciative and seeing each day as new. Being thankful gives you meaning because it allows you to capture the full essence of every moment.

Let Go Of The Petty Things – Far too often we lose our focus and get caught up thinking and being bothered by petty things. We shouldn’t let this get us down and there are several ways you can refocus your energy and have a brighter outlook:

  • Use a deep breathing technique
  • Think positive thoughts
  • Change your perception
  • Immerse yourself in a group activity (like yoga)
  • Focus your energy (like meditation)
  • Imagine your life ten years from now
  • Laugh it out

It’s always worthwhile to let go and not be bogged down thinking about petty things.

Appreciate The Little Things – Another good way to be happy and have daily positive thoughts is to appreciate the little things in life. There is so much that we take for granted and also so much that we overlook and just don’t see. We should try to give credit where credit is due and appreciate so many small things that really do mean so much to us.

Not every hit is a home run and there are many smaller things that truly do make a difference in our moment to moment existence and contribute to our overall happiness. We really should practice gratitude for the many everyday things that are easy to take for granted and we often miss altogether.

Smile At Everyone You Meet – It’s very good to become more aware of others and by doing so we can expand our awareness. What makes it even greater is when we muster a smile for them.

Everyone loves it when someone smiles at them and it’s our choice to be the one to initiate it. And the great thing is that when you do this usually the other person smiles right back at you!

A warm, caring smile can transmit a silent message of connection and kindness and usually warms the heart of that person and generally makes the world a better place.

A couple of other good ways to find happiness and foster positive thoughts are:

  • to surround yourself with happy people, practice self-appreciation and reading the Happiness Prayer.

Elevating Your Thoughts

There is an old adage “you are what you think” and we all know that our thoughts help to shape our lives. It’s true that our actions determine much of what becomes of us but the thoughts play a big part of it.

So the logical conclusion is that if we have daily positive thoughts then we should be on our way to a life of happiness, right? If we are careful with our thoughts and work hard to “choose wisely” then we can keep our thinking positive and be on a good track.

Raise Your Thoughts By Chanting

There are several ways to turn our dreams into reality and one very popular one is by chanting. If we repeat a phrase over and over, again and again, then we give it a chance to come true, to become our reality.

We can use chanting as an additional method for finding happiness

Chanting is a proven method of self-improvement and it gives us the ability to rewire our brains, to re-program our conscious minds for the positive.

This works like exercise where we repeat the action over and over in order to get the desired result. In this way chanting can put us in “better shape” both mentally and even physically too. This is because the mind determines much of what the body experiences.

This can take us out of any negative framework of negative thoughts and/or actions and deliver us to clarity and even higher consciousness. In this way we are part of the forces that shape our lives and our future.

Chant Examples

Try repeating some of these ‘simple’ chants:

  • I am in charge of my life; I construct and choose its contents
  • The fullness of Compassion cleanses my anger and replaces it with love
  • I am forgiving towards those who have hurt me in my past and I find the joy of forgiveness
  • Holy Spirit is my Guide and It leads me towards what is right
  • I am filled with creative energy which enlightens me and bestows fruitful ideas
  • I have the full potential needed to be extremely successful
  • I am adept to conquer my challenges and have the potential to succeed
  • I am brimming with courage and I can stand up for myself

You can repeat these chants to better yourself and after you do you can create some chants of your own.

When you repeat these phrases you make a connection with the Universe so say them with gusto and sureness and as you do, be yourself!


Filling your day with positive thoughts is both fulfilling and uplifting and it can really make a change in your life for the better.

We have seen here many different ways to elevate your thoughts and improve your life on your way to finding a lasting happiness.

Be sure to practice these methods and fill your life with daily positive thoughts!

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