Learning About Focus

Learning About Focus

When we think about our life and all the stuff that ‘makes it up’ we see that:

  • we are busy and
  • there’s a lot of stuff to do.

When it comes down to it, it’s a wonder that we can do it at all!

Everyday for us there is a constant stream of activities that we do:

  • chores around the house
  • cleaning
  • cooking
  • eating
  • appointments
  • errands

there really is a lot that we do each day, from beginning to end.

From the moment that we wake up and see our first glimpse of the day (it usually turns out to be the world) we find so much to do, sometimes it may seem like there is ‘no break in it.’

If we do take a minute and try to ‘get our arms around it,’ we might wonder how we manage to get it all done.

Just the thought of ‘our busy busy day‘ can really make our head spin!

Finding Time to Arrange Things (Our Day)

Managing our day is a must, if we want to ‘be serious‘ and ‘get the job done.’

good guy

The last thing that we want is to make errors, come up short and have it ‘all fall apart.’

Oh no!

If we can we should

  • take a minute
  • relax a little with a full breath

and try to have a look at ‘our day‘ so we can have ‘some idea‘ of:

  • what we do
  • what we want to do

and ‘are we close to‘ possibly getting it done.

With a little effort we can:

  • see what’s there
  • ‘grasp the moment’

and try to come to grips with our day and its activities:

  • managing relationships
  • family
  • work
  • some pastimes (pleasure)

as well as ‘general basics’ that we all have to cover, in order to ‘get things done.’

Since there are many things that we do each day, like those:

  • chores around the house
  • cleaning
  • cooking
  • eating
  • appointments
  • errands

we can get an idea of:

  • what we have
  • what we need

and what we want to do each day, and try to decide if we ‘can find enough time‘ to have it ‘fit in‘ with ‘what’s possible.

When we can see our life ‘play out,’ in its ‘everyday way:’

the things that we see, we face and do, during the hours of each day, then we can ‘know our day:’

  • its activities
  • the time it takes

and whether we are willing & able to try and do it, so we can ‘find out for ourselves:’ just how to do our work, to like it and actually get it done.

Our day really is ‘for us‘ so we should be able to ‘know it,’ as we ‘go through the motions‘ of its actions and activities.

It definitely can be possible for us to manage our day & actually ‘like it too!’

The Addition of Focus (to Our Lives)

With this ‘view of things,’ the idea of ‘us knowing & managing our lives,’ we could be capable of ‘getting along‘ and getting things done in a regular way.

If we have ‘good tools‘ to perform our day and its tasks:

  • being thoughtful
  • looking at the details
  • deciding what’s important

then we can see that we can be ‘a competent person‘ or ‘member of society.

We all know that ‘getting along’ and ‘being included’ really does have its pluses:

  • friends
  • glory
  • wealth

If we can get our tasks done each day, and then be sure that ‘it was done ok,’ then we can even find:

  • a little time for us! (me)

One of the best ‘tools’ to consider for helping us ‘get the job done‘ is the thing called Focus.

With Focus we can:

  • look sharp
  • find the important stuff

and keep things to a minimum, so we don’t have to waste time on things that can be done easily.

What is Focus?

This idea of Focus is probably not new to us, in fact we should know that we use it all the time.

If we think of things like:

  • watch the toaster
  • fill the glass with water
  • thread the needle

we are using focus in our day all of the time.

For most people, the funny thing is:

we never took the time to tell ourselves that we use it

If we use focus then we can cut time and get the job done and so avoid trouble ‘that doesn’t need to be there.

The Definition of Focus

Focus is something that we can ‘add on‘ to our routine, our method for performing tasks.

If we take a little time, and ‘sharpen our view‘ or ‘how we look at things,‘ then we can say that we are ‘applying focus.

By taking enough time, and including or considering ‘enough‘ details, then we can be using focus as a part of our approach in order to ‘get things right‘ and be accurate as we do our duties or tasks.

Focus as Coming Together

This use of focus can really be a help for us.

It can turn the:

dull to sharp

and the:

plain to better.

Focus is defined as:

to direct one’s attention or efforts.

It also means to:

cause to converge on a perceived point, like a point at which things meet.

So this focus is like ‘a coming together,‘ where an ‘added part‘ can make everything work smoother.

Sometimes a small addition can really add a lot!

Examples of Focus

We see focus being used in many things during our day.

We might see:

  • the construction workers on the building
  • the bus driver when we travel
  • the clerk working at the nearby store

There are examples of focus everywhere and, when people use it, they usually say:

Focus works good.

Everytime I use focus I am so glad that it came out ok.

I really hate it when it doesn’t go good!

Focus is A Helper

We see here that focus can be useful, it can be a ‘possibility for us.’

If we really consider it, focus can ‘look attractive‘ to add to our routine and use in our day, as a helper to get things done.

We can use it to:

  • sharpen our view
  • to improve our looking

even ‘to gain watchfulness‘ so we:

‘continue smoothly without error.’

Why We Need Focus

Focus is useful.

Just about everyone who ever tried it, liked it.

This is because it can ‘give results.

And it’s not hard to ‘give it a try.’

Trying focus can be as easy as many of the things that we do.

Focus and Paying Attention

Basically, focus is about:

to ‘pay attention’

This ‘paying attention‘ is something that we know & do regularly so the idea of focus is ‘already around us.’

In fact, if we ‘take a minute to look,’ we can see focus:

it is just the ‘looking and trying to pay attention.’

If we :

  • try earnestly and
  • sincerely apply ourselves

we can use focus in our day to:

  • avoid error

and go along peacefully so:

  • the good things can be seen
  • and also we can ‘get the job done.’

We can live life and perform our tasks with focus so that things don’t back up and we:

  • meet appointments
  • perform errands
  • attend meetings

and ‘tie up any loose ends’ on our way.

With focus we can be closer to ‘having perfect days!’

A Focus Building Exercise

With focus we can improve our days and so be better people.

With it, if we perform good, we would be ‘less burden on others,’ or ‘no burden at all.’

Here is a little Focus Building Exercise to learn more about focus and see how we can use it with joy at many times during our day.

Focus Exercise

We can practice focus when we eat:

we can take time to really chew our food
we can concentrate on its flavors and texture.

we can practice focus when we shave:

as you smell the shaving cream, note the pleasure of applying a warm lather to your face, and slowly drag the razor across your beard.

Another time to consider focus is when we clean the house or empty the trash.

Just paying attention and making sure we ‘do it right’ is as simple as it is to practice focus.

Incorporating short sessions of focus during our day will strengthen and expand our attention span so we ‘get strong‘ and ‘learn focus good.’

Then we can be ready for the times when we might really need it.


Here we have seen focus, we have:

  • introduced it
  • called it a topic
  • mentioned a brief description

and how we can ‘learn it and work with it,’ to get better at:

  • ‘being there’
  • being present

and trying to ‘lead a better life.’

We can see that, with focus, we can ‘steer clear of things‘ that could hurt us, we can avoid errors and we can ‘get our life in order,’ sharper because we would choose to use focus.

Talking More About Focus

Here we have briefly discussed focus and the good things that it offers us.

We intend to speak about focus more and cover this topic more later, in greater depth.

We can still learn more about focus:

  • with teaching
  • with exercises
  • etc

so that we can get a working knowledge of how focus and its breadth can help us, both in meditation and to be better people.

Let us plan on this!

We hope you have enjoyed reading this article “Learning About Focus” and we welcome you to leave any ideas or suggestions in the Comments Section down below. We love to hear from you so please feel free to comment.

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