Curing Difficulties with Meditation

Curing Difficulties with Meditation

Meditation is a method we use to ‘calm’ ourselves:

  • with Meditation it can be ‘possible’ to ‘quiet’ the mind and ‘gain’ peace

This Meditation can be especially ‘useful’ in ‘troubling’ times

Anytime is a ‘good’ time to meditate, and, with ‘hopes’ for us gaining peace, it can ‘look’ promising!

With only a ‘few’ minutes (or more) per day we can:

calm the mind, the noise and the chatter

so we can ‘find’ peace and make our situation ‘better,’ even as we are living our daily lives.

Considering Meditation

These days many people are trying meditation and, of these people, many are starting to have a regular meditation practice.

For so many, it seems, that the more you do it, the more you get out of it.

So, finding good results from meditation is becoming a common thing!

Despite the fact that it’s popular, we may still wonder, “Why should I meditate?” or “Why should I try meditation?

One of the best reasons to answer this is the fact that:

Meditation can be used to cure difficulties.

Growing with Meditation

When we think about meditation we think of:

  • calm breathing
  • a clear mind, and
  • relief from bad

With it having good benefits, the last thing we want is difficulties!

Yet it is possible, sometimes, that some difficulties could arise.

In such a case, if there are some difficulties, it is so good if we have the meditation!

Encountering Difficulties in Meditation

Sometimes we might get ‘a bit too busy,‘ or ‘overdo it,’ and so a difficulty or two may come up. If this happens, don’t worry too much, but remember ‘your better you!’

When difficulties do arise the best solution is to have a calm approach.

If we stay calm and just take the time to ‘be there,’ sometimes it’s ‘not as bad as it seems.’

Dealing with Difficulties in Mediation

All through the day we face challenges in making decisions and deciding what we should do in each moment.

Being centered and reasonable are a big plus in handling these situations, and staying calm can be the deciding factor in preventing a difficult situation from becoming unmanageable.

We can use a calm reasonable approach to put us at the top of our game.

To do this, the best method we can use is our meditation.

Yes we can do it!

About Meditation

It should be mentioned here that meditation, which so many people in the world do, does not follow any one religion.


Religion is not a requirement for meditation. Whether we are Hindhu, Buddhist, Zen, Muslim or whatever, it is possible to consider meditation.

We can practice meditation even if we do not choose to embrace any particular religion.

Meditation and A Higher Power

Even if we do not practice any particular religion, we all can admit that ‘we are here (in this world (Earth.))’

We all walk through the world in our day-to-day lives and marvel at ‘The Great Creation.’

With it’s glorious:

  • rivers
  • streams
  • mountains
  • valleys, and
  • sea beds

we all love to see it and marvel at the ‘endless glory of The Creation!’

There is ‘no end‘ to the many marvelous things that we find ‘out there.’

This Creation was made by ‘someone‘ so we like to think of it as ‘The Creator.’

The Creator has made The Creation.

The Creator and Our Meditation

When we meditate we try hard and hope that it ‘comes out ok.

At least for us, that’s the way we view it.

However, even though we do the meditation ourselves, it is best to recognize a Higher Power (The Creator) which can be the ‘object of meditation.’

This can give us enough scope or view to be able to deal with ‘the things that come up‘ in meditation.

It is the Higher Power (The Creator) that ‘fills our meditations,’ (with fullness) and prevents them from ‘going empty.’ (Yay!)

Finding Fullness in Our Meditation

This ‘fullness‘ that we find in our meditation: the feeling of joy, love and harmony (oneness,) is perhaps the best part of the meditation.

Without ‘the fullness‘ we would think that ‘things are empty.’

As long as we ‘stick with the fullness‘ we don’t have any ‘thoughts of empty.’

Illuminating the Mind

The Creator (Higher Power) is the ‘illuminator of the mind‘, He is the one that ‘lights it all up.

This is true since the mind does not illumine itself.

That is how we are able to ‘see things’ when we look at our thoughts & ideas.

That illumination is the Light that we ‘find inside ourselves‘ in our meditation.

Practicing Meditation

When we try meditation and like it, then we really are ‘ready to go!’

We can then develop a ‘meditation practice,’ which usually means regular meditation times (like sitting for 20 or 30 minutes (or more.)

Regular Meditation Practice

Regular meditation is really so important to succeeding with meditation.

It is the regular meditation practice that we use to ‘really get somewhere!

When we practice in a regular way, putting in time in a way that ‘starts to show a pattern,’ then we ‘get established’ in meditation and it starts to become ‘something that we can count on.’

It’s better to meditate ten minutes per day, regularly, than just doing seventy minutes once a week.

The regular application of meditation practice really does pay off!


Considering meditation as a tool for us is really a super good idea.

As we have seen and discussed here the meditation has benefits for us and we can definitely use it to cure difficulties (if there are any.)

The benefits of a meditation practice are no secret too. There have been many studies that show the positive effect meditating has on our health and our well-being.

If we practice the meditation, learn goodness and all grow together then we can be on our way to being ‘one big happy family (of meditators!)’

We hope you have enjoyed reading the article “Curing Difficulties with Meditation” and we welcome you to leave any ideas or suggestions in the comments section down below. We love to hear from you so please feel free to comment.


Tom is an avid meditator and all around computer geek. He loves hiking, reading and research. Join him on Social Media.

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