Light Poem Meditation

Light Poem Meditation

A long time ago in India there was a famous Guru.

The Guru was a ‘strong’ man – he was ‘strong’ in bothreason’ and in measure.

He was known’ for his ‘knowledgeof things.

The Guru was peaceful, and he made himself ‘available’ to the people.

He had the ‘glow’ of knowingknowing things ‘Holy’ and more!

About The Guru

The Guru ‘stayed’ at his home.

He ‘knew’ his area – his town – and he also knew’ many of the people that came to ‘see’ him.

The Guru was always peaceful, both ”inside’ and ‘out.

He was ‘calm’ in his ‘way.

The Boy

One of the ‘followers’ of The Guru was the boy.

The boy was still young, and he had ‘found’ a ‘relationship with The Guru.

The boy was a ‘disciple’ of The Guru:

The Guru was his ‘Teacher.’

The boy ‘depended’ on the Guru, and The Guru’s ‘Teaching.’

The View of The Guru

The boy ‘liked’ The Guru:

  • he always ‘thought’ that the Guru was a ‘wise’ man.

It made ‘good’ sense to the boy what the Guru ‘taught‘ him, and ‘said’ to him.

One day the boy ‘approached’ the Guru.

The Encounter with The Guru

When the boy ‘approached’ The Guru, he sat down at the ‘feet’ of The Guru.

Then, the boy said:

Dear Guru, ‘Teacher’ who is ‘wise’ in the ‘way’ of things:

  • ‘what is the light?’

The Gurus Response To The Boy

The Guru ‘looked’ at the boy:

  • He had ‘heard’ what the boy said

The boy had ‘asked:

‘what is the light?’

The Guru ‘thought’ for aminute,’ then said:

  • ‘by day, it is the Sun’

Then, The Guru ‘continued:’

  • ‘by night it is the lamp’

The Guru ‘meant’ that:

  • at night, the ‘light’ is by a lamp, or, the lantern or candle

The Guru Continued

Going further, The Guru ‘added:

  • ‘by what ‘light’ do you ‘know’ these things ‘by day the Sun, and by night the lamp?’

The boy ‘lit’ up and then ‘replied:

  • ‘the ‘light’ that ‘knows’ these things is The Guru!

The boy ‘said:

‘It is The Guru that ‘knows’ these things!’

The Guru’s Response

The Guru ‘heard’ the boy and ‘said:’

  • Indeed’ to the boy!

The Guru then ‘continued:’

  • ‘This ‘light’ that we ‘speak’ of,
  • the ‘light’ that ‘illumines’ things

‘this is the ‘light’ that ‘enables’

This is the ‘light’ that, as we ‘see:

‘makes’ things ‘available’ for us!

The Light That Enables

The Guru ‘explained:

  • ‘this ‘light’ that ‘enables’ us, it ‘enables:’
  • our ‘vision
  • our ‘interpretation
  • our ‘determination

This light ‘enables’ us:

  • it ‘enables‘ by ‘illuminating!’

With this ‘light:’

  • we can ‘see’
  • we can ‘interpret’

So, ‘with’ this ‘light,’ we can ‘determine’

It is ‘with’ this ‘light,’ and ‘by’ this ‘light’ that we ‘find’ our ‘choice:’

by ‘day’ we ‘depend’ on the Sun,

by ‘night’ we ‘depend’ on the lamp

We ‘love’ these ‘things,’ and are ‘better’ because we ‘have’ them!

The Idea of No Light

The Guru had ‘told’ the boy that the ‘light’ is:

  • helpful’ and ‘beautiful’

Afterall, without ‘light’ we cannot ‘do’ as much.

It is ‘hard’ to ‘get’ things ‘done’ without the ‘light!’

The Light That Illumines

The Guru ‘said:

  • This ‘light’ that ‘illumines,‘ it ‘shines’ on things

This ‘light’ ‘enables’ the ‘appearance:’

  • the world
  • the room
  • our friends

This ‘light’ ‘enables’ the ‘appearance!’

It is ‘with’ this ‘light’ and ‘by’ this ‘light’ that:’

all‘ ‘things’ that we ‘know,’ ‘see,’ and ‘interpret’ are ‘available’ or ‘present!’

With this ‘light’ we can ‘understand!’

Knowing Our Choices

So, The Guru ‘said:’

  • ‘this ‘light’ ‘helps’ us to ‘make’ our ‘choices:’

it ‘illumines’ the Sun by day

it ‘illumines’ the lamp by night

The Guru ‘said:’

it also ‘illumines’ The Guru for ‘you,’ the ‘disciple,’ to ‘see’ and ‘know!’

Finding Fullness with The Light

The Guru ‘told’ the boy ‘about’ the ‘light’

  • ‘it is ‘with’ this ‘light,‘and ‘by’ this ‘light’ that we can:‘balance’ ourselves’

With this ‘balance,‘ we can:

  • ‘hope’ to ‘find’ the ‘fullness’

‘Fullness’ we would ‘want,’ for:

  • our dreams
  • our wishes
  • our hopes

With this ‘light:’even our moment to moment ‘progress’ in our ‘lives’ could be ‘full!’

Going On with The Light

As The Guru ‘says,‘ it is:

  • ‘with’ this ‘light’ and ‘by’ this ‘light’

that we can ‘hope’ to ‘find’ fullness!

We ‘hope‘ to ‘find’ a ‘complete’ feeling for ourselves

This we ‘know,’ and this ‘light’ would be the ‘best’ way for us to ‘find’ the ‘fullness’ that we ‘want’ for ourselves in our lives!


The ‘fullness’ that we ‘find’ with the ‘light’ is:

  • ‘full’ and ‘rich’

With this ‘light’ we can ‘go:

on & on & on!

This is ‘what’ The Guru ‘said’ to the boy.

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Featured image by: Marius Iordache


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