Happiness Prayer

Happiness Prayer

Everybody wants to be happy.

When a person is unhappy he seeks for happiness, having known it before.

If there was a certain way to find happiness, probably everyone would take it.

So we ask “what are the ways of happiness?

Many people have many ideas what happiness is so let us start out by asking what happiness is.

What is happiness?

Happiness is a state we strive for, but just how do we begin? We might very well begin by trying to determine the nature of happiness.

Happiness is a feeling of joy, like a fullness. It manifests in different ways and people find various types of happiness.

Some people think it is a car or a house. Other people think it lies in having possessions, or in status and fame.

One way to describe this type of happiness, the idea that it could be found in external objects (material things,) is the idea of “the glory of the I or ego (the individual self).”

We have seen before that, even if we don’t have a lot of the material objects (things or possessions) that we can still experience happiness.

We Are Not Alone

A good question to ask, when we feel happiness, is “are we alone?

When you feel happiness it is a fullness and most people think it is like “being with someone.”

Is happiness a state of mind, a mood, or a way of living?

Maybe it is all of these things, and maybe more too.

Is there a way to create happiness, can we make it?

Some people think having more money may make you somewhat happier, or quality relationships make us happier.

We might ask “does happiness bring better health?‘ or ‘Longer life?

The question everybody wants is:

“What if we could find a lasting happiness.”

Where To Find Happiness

If we want a lasting happiness then what we need to know is:

“where does happiness come from?”

If we found out then we would just have to go and get it, right?

One good way to know happiness is to ask:

“Where is the place of Happiness?”

If this way works then it can help us intuit or find the ‘place of happiness.’

The Happiness Prayer

One very good way to gain happiness is by reciting or chanting the Happiness Prayer:

Lord raise us up in our times of need
And promise us peace in this hour of trial

Help us to accept the things we cannot change
And help us find within both peace and happiness

Let us find the joy to sing your name
To dance in praise and to know right from wrong

Let me live one day at a time
Enjoy one moment at a time
And find happiness in this life

Put us where we are meant to be
And tell me there is no burden too great for You

I beg pardon and that I might have Faith in Thee
And please make me happy in Your Presence

Make me an instrument of your peace
And let there be no hatred or doubt

Lord clean my injuries
And please grant me Happiness and Light

The Practice of Being Grateful

Most of us have a good life and we worked hard to get it that way.

Even though we might “have enough” it’s always good to count your blessings.

This is something we term as ‘Being Grateful.’

It’s good to be grateful for all that we have.

Most of us have a roof over our head, a bed to sleep in, enough food to eat and clean water available.

There are people out there who don’t have this stuff: some people in the world don’t have these basic things that we often take for granted, and it’s a shame.

We can pray for ourselves and, if we have extra, we can pray for others!

A Grateful Exercise

A good practice is to write down some of the things that we are grateful for.

I do this regularly and it’s a big boost in my day.

Every morning before I get started I write down in a journal 10 things that I am grateful for. It doesn’t need a lot of thought and it usually comse right from our immediate thinking (so it can be easy.)

Some of the things come up every day, some are different every day. Just write them down and look at the list after you’re done.

It can be a good reflective meditation and it leaves you feeling happy and upbeat for the day ahead.

You can believe me when I say that this has been a big game changer for me in terms of mindset.

All that you have meditation:

Remember that when you go through each day focusing on all that you have, as opposed to what you do NOT have, you tend to look at life in a much more positive way.

Activities For Happiness

If you are looking for new or additional ways to find happiness then there are various activities you can do to raise your spirits.

Reading – One good activity for happiness that almost everybody does is reading. You don’t have to read a lot to get the benefits of it and reading can be an amazing way to increase your happiness.

We all can use ways to boost motivation, and reading can be a great way to provide us with this inspiration.

There are so many topics:

  • the daily newspaper
  • good books (fiction or non-fiction)
  • informative emails
  • magazines

or even scriptures, there is a lot of material available for reading.

Reading can take your mind on a journey to faraway places, like a visit to foreign lands.

If you are struggling or having difficulty with where you are at in the present moment, reading can help you get away from your current unpleasant thoughts or situation and have a bright experience.

Prayer – Another good activity for increasing happiness is prayer, praying is as old as man. Since the very beginning men have found ways to pray.

Sometimes it can be just in the form of ‘to think positive‘ or others pray in the form of ‘giving thanks.’

You might want to say a prayer for a friend or a loved one, or say a prayer for people in the world who have it bad.

Some people make giving prayers for the whole universe, that’s a grand prayer!

The daily prayer:

In the morning, wake up and give thanks for all you have in life.

In the evening, give thanks for making it through another day and for all that you accomplished during the day.


We all admit that we like happiness and that happiness is a dear thing.

It seems that we are forever working on learning to be happy, and probably we won’t stop until we find a lasting, complete happiness, one that ‘never comes to an end.’

We wish it for ourselves and for others and remember:

Everyone deserves happiness.

We hope you have enjoyed reading the article “Happiness Prayer” and we welcome you to leave any ideas or suggestions in the comments section down below. We love to hear from you so please feel free to comment.


Tom is an avid meditator and all around computer geek. He loves hiking, reading and research. Join him on Social Media.

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