About Us

Hello my name is Tom and I have created this website TomLloydsite.com.


As we say on the front page:

  • This website is here ‘now‘ for sharing & connecting with the good stuff that we offer today,’

And yes it is true that:

  • We are always thinking up new things to ‘share’

We like The Meditation so:

  • be sure to pass by often to always see what’s new!

Our Purpose

We care about people and their physical, emotional and spiritual health so there’s no better way to reach out than to have this good website.

Here we wish to offer news & tips on staying healthy and cultivating the good mind that we are capable of, each one of us.

Our Values

We are based on:

  • conservative, traditional values

that date back to the times like 2500 BC (five thousand years.)

Even though the truths & values have carried on through time, we can assure you that:

  • they are still valid
  • they still ‘ring a bell’ for us, and
  • they have gathered no ‘dust

These truths & values have carried on:

  • in all of the changing times and the ups & downs that the world has gone through

in these last thousands of years!

What We Hope to Accomplish with this Website

Here at this website TomLloydsite.com we hope to accomplish:

  • the things of our dreams

We wish to find:

  • a full life for us
  • hopes & wishes that can become real for us
  • finding peace for us

With this we can:

  • balance ourselves in our lives
  • live fully with ‘gusto

and be models or good examples for others that we meet.

It is possible that this life can be:

full and meaningful

so that we can see that:

dreams are possible, dreams can be reachable

and our relationships can grow & flourish!

It can be a life full with both:

  • vision and encouragement

so that we can:

  • make friends and be friends

as we live through our days.

Like this we can have good values and be:

forthright as good people!

My Wish for You

At this website we are here for:

  • sharing & connecting NOW with our main interest of The Meditation

As we do this I would wish to share a little prayer with you.

First of all I hope that you like this stuff (our offerings)

We construct this material with:

  • thoughtful care

and so we hope that you take this stuff to heart!

We want everybody to find value in it and, like this, The Meditation can find a place in us to grow & flourish!

If we apply ourselves, then:

  • many things are possible.

We can:

  • climb higher

to get to a good place, and hopefully find:

  • the place of our dreams!

We can do this together,

just you & me!

tom small

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